Wired Ribbon

Wired Ribbon

Florists, wedding planners, and crafters love working with wired ribbon. Whether used to create beautiful bouquets or to dress up a gift presentation, ribbon with wired edges is a dream to work with.

When you work with wired ribbon, it's easier to create a structured bow that maintains its shape. With wired ribbons, you can build centerpieces and other party décor well in advance of an event. Form and flexibility are just two of the features that make craft enthusiasts clamor for self-wired ribbon from TK Ribbons & More. With an assortment of wired ribbon in various sizes and colors, you can make fluffy package bows that merit as much attention as the contents of any gift box.

We turned to SnapGuide to help us explain how to wrap a gift box with wired ribbon:

1. First, wrap a long length of wired ribbon around a box from top to bottom. Overlap the ribbon at the bottom of the box and turn it so you can wrap the box from bottom to top perpendicular to the first wrap of ribbon. Cross the ribbon over itself atop the box, make a simple knot, and snip the ribbon with scissors. Be sure to leave several inches of ribbon with which you will attach the bow ribbon. The wire used in TK ribbon is sturdy in use but thin enough to snip with ease.

2. Pull another length from the spool, but don't cut it yet. Fold the ribbon accordion style until you've made four folds of ribbon at each end. When this is done, you may detach this section of ribbon from the spool. Repeat this process with a slightly shorter length of wired ribbon. When done, the second section should be somewhat smaller than the first. Use the tips of your craft scissors to snip a v-shaped notch into the center of each side of each section of folded ribbon. Cut through all layers of ribbon at once. Place both accordion-folded sections of ribbon atop the package. The smaller section should be atop the larger section.

3. Place the two accordion folded sections of ribbon on top of the knotted ribbon on the top of the package. Use the tail ends of the ribbon you wrapped around the box to tie a knot around the stacked, folded ribbon at the v-notches.

4. Use your fingers to open and fluff the smaller section of folded ribbon first. Twist and turn each loop of wired ribbon to create a dramatic center to your bow. Once the center is structured the way you like it, work with the larger, underneath section of folded ribbon to create the outer portion of the presentation bow. Wired ribbon from TK Ribbons & More is very forgiving, so don't worry if your first fluff fails. Rework the ribbon until it's the dramatic gift bow you envisioned.

Call TK Ribbons & More at 877-862-2037 anytime. We can answer all your questions about wired ribbon and other decorative products.

Wired Ribbon
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Wired Ribbon
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Wired Ribbon

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